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..and welcome to lenix.de. I will try to collect all kind of things over here i produce on my private computers during my precious free time, and which me or other people consider being useful or interesting.

Latest news about my life and the one of this page are available in my online-diary - a so-called blog - under home -> blog / news.

Moreover there are some informations about myself, a guestbook which will gratefully store your (complaisant) comments along with some pieces of software i have written and a lot of other things, just click and have a look around.

Just like any other human i'm aware of i am not "perfect", so feel invited to tell me your constructive criticisms, pointers to bad grammar & spellings, as well as corrections of my lousy english ;-). The fastest way to send such messages is my email - form i guess.

This is a private homepage and i disclaim any warranties or liabilities for whatever you may find here. Just as if you're crossing a street, use your own head and eyes before doing stupid things. Of course i will remove any illegal contents as soon as i notice them, please let me know in case of doubt.

While writing this page i take special care about staying compliant to standards released by the W3C. In my opinion these are currently best rendered using a Mozilla-based webbrowser (like the free Firefox) in an X11 environment. More informations about the technologies in use are available under misc -> about this page.

Now i don't want to keep you from having a look around and making yourself home any longer, go have some fun. All contents of this page are subject to the "Creative Commons License, BY-NC-SA", unless declared otherwise. This basically means you may modify and release this content under the same conditions. Media containing people on this page is subject to "Creative Commons License, BY-NC-ND", you must not release any modified versions.