hot or not


  • Of course the most gorgeous and wonderful woman in the whole world, my darling Xi Pan.
  • and obviously my family, e.g. Peter Böhm.
  • H2O: the sound of waves, rivers, waterfalls and rain, the smell of the ocean, the reflections on the surface, the feeling to drift inside, ...
  • Harmonical music or sometimes just silence
  • Sushi (over at Sushi-Circle or YamYam), Häagen-Dazs icecream
  • Club-Mate, green tea, Baileys or well mixed caipirinha.
  • Reading (The Parrot's Theorem, Momo, The Swarm, ...)
  • Animals, especially dogs (not those sized like cats, although i do like cats, too)
  • Sports like swimming (told you before), riding my bicycle (35km/h downtown ;-), foosball (aka. tabletop soccer), dancing (ballroom) inline skating, badminton and basketball (way too infrequently)
  • The peace and magic of the night

What i don't like

translating this ain't no fun, going to do it later ;-)