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welcome to lenix's ppp,

there may be some questions you find yourself asking right now. first of all, what the hell is 'ppp'?? ppp means 'pretty personal page' over here.
if you care about who this mysterious 'lenix' might be, you should take a look at 'bout me'. in case you got here looking for some script/program/whatever, your way to go is behind the button 'software'. i collected other stuff under 'misc', and if you want to drop me a line, stop by at 'guests'. if you're already scared by this page, are there several hints how to get away from here in the 'pagetips'-section.

some 'news':
<23/11/03>   Ok, let's get back on that topic of redesign mentioned in my last post .. obviously, there isn't much of a new layout visible yet. That's because i stumbled into some pretty cool stuff while creating the new page - go take a look at csszengarden. Plain XHTML-markup, styled only by a bunch of CSS-directives. And the best about it: it's cross-browser-compatible!
Now that technology fascinated me enough to make me want to learn about it, so i started to read A List Apart and such pages. If you would like to follow the process of development of my new page, check http://new.lenix.de/. If you have any suggestions or opinions on that new code, don't wait to let me know :)
<08/04/03>   Hey! I'm still alive, just doing a new layout at the moment.. if everything will work as expected, there will be a new ppp in a few weeks, new layout, somewhat reworked content, and - german AND english finally :). next to that, here is a link to the page of my girlfriend xi, the most wonderful person in the world. go take a look what she's doing with gimp, vim and html and drop her some lines if you like her page :)
<28/10/01>   ok, just wanted to let those who check back regulary know that there won't be any bigger update the weeks .. i don't feel like doing pages at the moment, sorry :(. btw. - can you say foobar anyone?
<03/10/01>   heya, just wanted to let you know that i got new server/domain, you can reach my ppp now at 'www.lenix.de'.
<27/08/01>   added a small section about .nl city 'venlo' and the coffeeshops over there under 'misc/venlo'.
<20/08/01>   <german>
   poetischer erguss des abends:
   'sekundenschnelle ewigkeiten und stundenlange augenblicke'.
<01/08/01>   fixed an open-file bug in epic-log, make sure you get the new version in 'software/elog'.
<30/07/01>   k, pagetips script is near done in v0.1. i'll create some docs and stuff on this, and put it to 'software' right afterwards. you can see a working copy in 'pagetips'.
<20/07/01>   there is no hope left to catch me if i fall now.
i'm working on netscape-bookmark-file-parsing script for pagetips - section. xi is in usa, missing her a lot..
greetings, lenix
<16/07/01>   'misc/museum/' happens to exist now, you can now point your eyes at my great, wonderful, unbeatable old layout again, which surely all of you really missed! ;)
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have phun, </lenix>


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